At the end of August, Kim and I put on our glad rags and headed up to Belfast for a formal awards ceremony. 2 weeks prior I had a phone call from the awards company saying a member of the public had nominated us for the award and would we like to attend the event. I was flattered that we had made the list of 6 top practices from across Northern Ireland. I was asked to submit a document explaining why we should win and that was it. I submitted our video customer testimonial video that we created in January and it did the trick, we won!

We had a lovely meal and we were at a table with some other brilliant businesses, including Donnelly’s Bakery in Ballycastle and Coffee and Heroes which is a comic book shop and cafe in Belfast. The room was full of great independent businesses from all across the country, it was great to see other business owners enjoying their work and giving their customers great service and products.

We’ve had thanks from many of you via facebook/instagram and even some cards, and I would like to thank you for your continued support in the business. This is our 40th year and to win a regional award like this means so much not just to me but to the whole team. We’re very proud of the win and we’ll cherish the award. We’re all heading out soon for a team dinner!